Sleeping alone can be as comfortable as sleeping together, even better. I have the idea that simple beds are naturally uncomfortable although they have no logic whatsoever in my thinking and I have spent terrible nights shared in a double bed. It may be that the memory of sleeping in a simple one for 16 years, in which I lived in my parents' house sharing a room with a grumpy sister, makes me have that position. It may also be that the five years in which I lived, and slept, in a residence of young ladies while studying at the university have reinforced my adversity to simple beds even more. I associate them with the Boy Scouts, with the camps, with the youth hostels, with the visits to the grandmother's house, with my first boyfriends and with the back pains.

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But it is not true. The truth is that I had never slept in a simple comfortable bed because when I had the ability to have it I needed one for two: I had married and my maiden stage was destined to be remembered as the neck pain for having slept badly in that bed for a child. And it was when I had to get beds for the children that I realized how comfortable and beautiful they can be, away from the boarding school of nuns or the sanatorium. In fact, I have taken note of some very tempting models in case the time comes when I do not support more sleep in the double and want to feel the freedom of the simple one again.

One of the beds that struck me most for its quality, beauty and price was the NOOK bed of the American design house BLU DOT. It is very light, has steel legs and is covered in hypoallergenic cotton. It is in three colors; Limestone gray, roasted coffee and green guacamole. It measures 81 inches long, 44 wide and 33 high. More information on the Website