I take the opportunity to denounce for mistreatment all the inhabitants of planet earth, especially those who live in Western culture and those who buy gifts for their friends, mothers, wives, sisters and companions. I accuse them for committing against adult women - who run a house, are friends, mothers wives, sisters and companions - psychological, physical and macho acts as they celebrate their birthdays, mother's day, women's day, the day of the secretary and at Christmas.

It is unacceptable that we, the women of the world, receive gifts from men who seem to be more for our kitchen, for the living room or for the bathroom. My husband complains because he gets too many socks on Father's Day and I'd rather have a stocking of nylon stockings than one of aprons. Of course in the kitchen it is essential to have an express pot, blender, microwave oven and rags to clean but I do not want to be given to me on my birthday. What nonsense!

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In any case, if the day of Kings I receive a gift of that kind at least worthwhile and that gives me much satisfaction. Something like this could be considered as a personal gift and not for the floor. For example the retro bookshelf of the seventies ETAGERES; They are beautiful, elegant and sophisticated. With rounded shapes and made of chromed steel and glass, they are ideal for putting books, a lamp or family photos. Perfect for the living room or for a beautiful office. More information on the Website www.city-furniture.be