We have already seen how much they can achieve in the decoration of rooms, the most varied colors and that with them, besides making a place look, we can give the sensation of space and clarity. This is how colors work and therefore the importance of taking advantage of the colorful palette of wall colors that are always an ally in decoration. And that we talk about the solid colors in their various tonalities.

Now we focus on prints, you know because in others decoration tips we have given you, we have told you, the floral prints are ideal for large spaces, because if you abuse them in small spaces you can see overloaded or smaller a bedroom or a living room. Now we tell you the advantages of decoration with stripes so you can take advantage of changing your environments with this fashion, taking advantage of stripes as decoration accessories.

If you think of a decoration with stripes For walls, you must choose a base wall to achieve it, because this type of paint is not recommended for all walls. For example, if you decide to apply them to the living room, choose the wall that is bigger and the one that is better in front of the windows, that is, it has more clarity and it translates your best choice of stripes, you can choose elegant contrasts like black with white or decantarte pastel shades of the same color with intense tones of the same, perfect colors will be.

And if you do not decide on the stripes for decorate interiors with stripes, you can also take advantage of the elements such as decorative accessories, you know carpets, lamps, paintings and others that can convey the beauty of the stripes but do not change the "panorama" too much. A long striped rug on the entire floor of the living room makes it look longer, perfect choice if it is a small room, and a round one focuses attention on a certain area. Take advantage of these tips that we leave you in these images.