In the search for furniture solutions that apply technology for its preparation and development, we notice a great aesthetic advantage of the applied science to the conformation of ornamental and functional pieces that due to their conformation they are different from the rest creating on themselves a natural attraction of the human genre in the intriguing aspect of its operation.


This is how we find a wide range of decorators and companies that design furniture which opt for the application of science to achieve the remarkable differential of their pieces, framed in the theme, we must highlight the pieces they use for outstanding and aesthetically beautiful the magnetism to conform.

It is a basic idea of ​​physics, we speak of two magnetic fields that repel each other as well as two magnets have poles that repel each other, the use of this characteristic is remarkable in the furniture, magnetic field can be generated by magnets or by electric coils which achieve this field product of a current generated in them, this system is very common in automatic closing doors.

floating table-4

The application of trend we will be able to appreciate every day in more and more pieces of furniture, being the beds maybe because of its concept incorporated in the common of the most revolutionary people, although they exist from simple ornaments to even tables composed of more than one piece that manages to float thanks to the generated magnetic field.

It is the case of this revolutionary table for its genre, it is called float and is composed by several cubes held in position by magnetic fields that create a great highlight.

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floating table

Cloud Sofa is another incredible example, it tries to simulate the aesthetics of a cloud, applying the popular imaginative of resting on it, its technology is also based on the application of magnetic fields of great power supporting the weight of an adult without problems.

floating bed

Some incredible developers bet on the optimal illusion, simulating only in appearance the idea that their pieces really levitate, Dylan is a novel model of bed that simulates floating and hides its legs inside, in another order of things the stairs by applying transparent materials and an intelligent arrangement also manage to simulate the floating effect

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