While you might think that they are totally different things, the implementation of subliminal messages that technically proven to work on the human psyche, can generate some rejection of the idea.

1 decoration and eroticism

Although in fact he lives it daily as part of his everyday life, so when he observes a commercial, the subliminal messages are always there, with singles and even famous people who won the acceptance of your psyche previously.

Now why not implement this type of messages to the active subconscious by decorating.

The decoration creative highway, link generate constant sensations is without a doubt the perfect place to capture the message.

So getting into this world we find a Belgian brand Vlaemsch, which is responsible for the manufacture of an erotic wallpaper, which also and it would seem that ironically called it "Rendez-vous".

2 decoration and eroticism

The paper is inspired by the old papers used by our grandparents to decorate your home, otherwise if it is effective as a message, that is to be seen but something you can not doubt is highly original.

Even the paper was considered by its manufacturers as "the sexiest role ever made before". But as we all know the decoration of our environment does not only repair the wallpaper.

3 decoration and eroticism

Thus, we find curtains with sensual and erotic motifs, and even phallic furniture or armchairs that imitate untroubled parts, nothing escapes the imagination even if the message stops being subliminal and passes a little more to the path of the concrete.

Summarizing if you are looking for aesthetic results do not hesitate to implement this idea which sounds ideal to dress the most intimate places of our house

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4 decoration and eroticism

And although some inhabitants of the same may not agree due to the steriotype of furniture and decoration that idealize I assure you that the results will be so good that soon will try to increase the spaces with these virtues.