Quiet, natural, serene ... designed for enjoyment. That's how it is beach house in Mallorca where spending the holidays can become a difficult experience to forget. It is in the Port of Pollensa and has been reformed to make it a special refuge, in which Live in permanent contact with the powerful nature of the island. Do you want to discover its corners?

beach house in MallorcaSeptember is for many of us synonymous back to school and routine. But for others, for those who have spent the summer months working at the foot of the canyon, it's your vacation time. The perfect month to escape, when the beach destinations have returned to peace after the summer maelstrom. And for all those who seek precisely that, PEACE with capital letters, this beach house that we are going to know today could be the perfect refuge.

Not only because It is located next to the sea, in the idyllic Puerto de Pollensa, on the island of Mallorca, but because it hides from the hustle and bustle of holiday tourism. It is sheltered, outside the crowded center of the vacationers who come to the paradisiacal island. And that is a value in itself.

A beach house in Mallorca away from the madding crowd

The best thing about this Mallorcan house are not its quiet interiors, nor its rustic and special furniture. That they are, and a lot. The best is the serenity that is breathed in it, Just cross the threshold of the door.

It was a small old house that had become outdated. Thanks to the builder Paul Robinson, the designer Samantha Knight and the architecture studio NB Arquitectes, the building came back to life and became the natural wonder that is today this beach house in Mallorca.

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With the intention of multiplying light and amplitude he opted for an open-plan interior, that has a diaphanous space concept. It houses the kitchen and the living area. And it establishes a direct communication with the porch in which is the dining room.

When planning the reform, Paul Robinson thought, above all, about the welfare of the future inhabitants of this beach house in Mallorca. The naturalness of the spaces was sought first of all, the quiet and rustic essence of the houses on the island. The goal was to get the perfect refuge to live a perfect vacation and disconnect everything. If you look at the photos, you will soon realize that they did it.

A diaphanous space

The main characteristic that defines this villa is the diaphanous and ample concept with which the space was conceived. Wanted the visual amplitude of the interior, with a free and carefree circulation. As there are no partitions that compartmentalise the space, natural light flows freely through the interior, flooding every corner.

The main room of the interior is structured (although without separations or partitions) in different areas: a living room, a living area, a kitchen with island and a porch open to the outside with outdoor dining.

At the time of choosing the materials, also in this sense the naturalness, the authentic, prevailed. It was decided building materials of the island: wood, vegetable fibers, polished cement to put a current touch, etc.

And the same thing happened with the furniture, designed by Samantha Knight. With very good judgment, she turned to the local artisans for the realization of furniture, They have a beauty and an authenticity out of the ordinary.

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The porch, the center of life in the house

Inside the house connects naturally with the outside through a porch where the dining room is located. It is the true center of life in this beach house in Mallorca, the perfect place to meet. It is directly connected to the garden and the pool.

The large rustic table was made with reclaimed wood, and the wicker chairs are the work of a Mallorcan craftsman. In addition, stands on the wall a rack made of olive wood. The polished cement floors put the contemporary note in this environment.

In front of the porch, as a promise of good times, the garden opens. There are abundant lemon trees, bougainvillea and banana trees. The refreshing pool is also a promise of happiness.

The perfect place to rest

Simple and natural, the bedroom is the perfect space to rest and relax. White as the dominant color, the soft texture of the natural bedding, the fluffy white curtains ... Everything invites you to relax.

And, as a focus of visual interest, it has the views of the garden and the pool. Only this wonderful picture, and the cushions in dark blue and the patterned headboard, break the whiteness of the space.

What do you think about this refuge in Mallorca? Do you dare to lose yourself in it?

Photos: Johanna Gunnberg.