It is early in the morning and you can not sleep more than five additional minutes, expecting that you will take a little less in the shower and you will have your black coffee, without milk and without sugar. You have many things to do before going to the office, such as sending children to school and putting clothes in the washing machine, but you want to sleep just a little more, a few minutes ... by the way, what time is it? You search between the sheets for the hand watch you use, and you can not find it; you explore the night table to locate the alarm clock that will start to sound in a few minutes, but it will have fallen to the ground. You would like to have a watch attached to your bed, to see how much you have left to sleep and thus negotiate some sleep. Fixed, at the head, easy to read, constant and silent.


The EMILY alarm clock, from the Canadian design house FURNI, is the perfect accessory for your room. In this retro-looking design, the watch, crafted in walnut wood, is framed in a polished aluminum case with rounded corners. The hour marker recalls the digital classics of red numbers, but incorporates LED electrical technology. It also has a beautiful sound, which surely will not irritate you when you abandon your dreams and face reality. It comes with installer for wall, measures 9 x 6 x 6 cm. and can be found on the website