The importance of curtains in decoration

Curtains are a fundamental piece in the imprint of the personality of a home, and with it, of its decoration. Therefore, it is important to know the different variants that exist and according to these, which is best suited to the style of the space. Never leaving aside the budget we assign.

Some tips to choose your curtain:

When choosing to dress a window with several fabrics, the general rule is that they all have the same tone, whether they are plain or printed. In small spaces, using roller blinds generates the feeling of greater space.

When a curtain rod is going to be used, it must respect the style of the place. For example, steel bars adapt very well to functional and modern spaces. The wooden bars are suitable for large rooms and rustic environments. The handles and tassels are accessories that allow to highlight the style of decoration used.

At the moment, the fashion prints that the fabrics of intense colors and neutral in curtains, adapt perfectly to modern and youthful spaces. On the other hand, thick-line textiles that overload a decoration (with figures such as leaves, branches or flowers) are recommended for classic styles.