Share floorIn our home, in general, we usually forget, In fact we have the habit of choosing and composing the decoration of the house based on what is already there instead of thinking about customizing the floor, adapting it to our needs and personalizing it.

The tiling they are a very common material, both to achieve classic style as well as for more modern ones, everything is a matter of personal tastes and of giving free rein to the imagination ...
In addition, the tiles offer many options, you can choose the most classic or choose to innovate and create drawings, games of colors, etc.


La wood, I would say that it is the preferred material for the floor, perhaps because it is valid for all types of houses and adapts to any style ... It also offers many varieties and nowadays we can find it practically in any shade.


When reforms are not an option at hand, either because of the scarce budget or because of the discomfort involved, the alternatives focus on carpets and rugs.
In this case, the possibilities are endless. There are carpets and carpets in all kinds of materials, in countless textures of all colors and patterns ...


Whatever is the option that most attracts your attention or the one you like most, the important thing is that you do not ignore the floor of your home, after all, the floor is the basis of any type of decoration. If the floor is not your total pleasure, you will hardly get the decoration and environments you want.