The moon is the only satellite that orbits around the earth but for the human being is not only an object that swarms around us, but an element of the universe that influences our life.

Some of its effects on Earth are proven, such as the change of the tides, in fact in our calendars the phases of the moon are at all times indicated and many understood that looking towards it can tell us the time it will do, for give an example

Many religious festivities are celebrated according to the moon and also says that its influence influences pregnant women, making birth more likely to occur when the moon is full, although it is not scientifically proven, nor is it proven that full-moon nights come out of their shelter the werewolves.

Applying its influence, I have to say that it gives me a lot of tranquility to look towards the sky on a full moon night, so it will be a pleasure to have a rug like this on the floor of my living room.

It is a carpet called «Dark side of the moon»(The dark side of the moon) and is a design made by Martin Mostböck for the company Vorwerk in 2009 to commemorate the 40 anniversary of the first time that man stepped on the moon.

As expected, its shape is round, with a diameter of 200 cm, and is dotted with small holes of different sizes cut with laser that represent the lunar craters that we appreciate from the earth.

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Further information: Martin Mostbök