We are all fascinated by light. Since childhood it has been one of the main resources we have for fun, as well as imagination. Who did not make a pigeon, a snake or a little angel with the reflection that was backlit with the palms of the hands creating a sophisticated, minimalist and very effective Chinese theater on any wall of the room? I also remember how with a small, but necessarily powerful, torch we could make our face a lit balloon: it was enough to swallow the device and fill the cheeks with air. Thus we were internally illuminated like gnomes in the darkness of the garden, we could also illuminate their noses if we put the lantern as a stopper. I never did the balloon experiment after trying the plug, or at least not with the same flashlight.

All this was possible thanks to the small lamps, portable reflectors and lanterns that we found stored in drawers and shelves forgotten by our parents; in the service rooms, in the kitchen, in the garage. Thinking about all this and reflecting a little, what the lack of time and energy allows me, I have decided to equip my apartment with a wider variety of portable lamps so that the children can use them without haste and without risks.

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The TOOL portable lamp, from the design house MANWORK DESIGN, is perfect to put it on the night table to move it throughout the house thanks to its handle since it also works with batteries. The idea of ​​combining elements such as translucent plastic and a chromed steel structure gives the piece a modern and striking appearance. More information on the Website www.manworksdesign.com