The mirrors they have a very special charm of their own and the spaces in which they are included acquire, without a doubt, a magic that few elements could contribute.

mirrors in the dining room

By including mirrors in the decorwe basically get three things: a greater luminosity, a feeling of greater amplitude and if we know how to play with them, precious perspectives. It is probably these three aspects that endow that special magic with mirrors.

Luminosity and feeling of a greater amplitude it is something that any mirror, regardless of the place in which it is decided to locate, will provide the decoration. However, to obtain good results in terms of perspectives and reflections, we must play with them and be a little more ingenious. Of course, the result can be really spectacular.

If you have a small space in the house, the mirrors are a recommended option when decorating it. The reasons are precisely those that I have already mentioned: luminosity and visual effect of amplitude. In this way, you will avoid the overwhelming sensation usually caused by small spaces and you will achieve a much more pleasant space.

mirror in the room

Try to include mirrors in any space ...
We tend to place mirrors in the bathroom, the rooms and, sometimes in the hall and the truth is that in these spaces, the mirrors are very useful. However, in other rooms such as the living room, the kitchen, etc., they can also offer a lot, perhaps not so much at a functional level but at a decorative level.

mirror in the kitchen

There are many types, sizes and styles; It is only a matter of selecting the one that best suits your tastes and decoration.

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