In the days in which we live, the aquarium has evolved in such a way that we have all the necessary tools to recreate the aquatic habitat to perfection.

The trend of its use the design and decoration of the home becomes a work that can be classified as a true work of art.

If your wish is the implementation of a marine environment that decorates your spaces, but you have not yet decided which one to choose, or what types of maintenance your aquarium required, and which marine ecosystem would be more adapted to your lifestyle.

We find in the market professionals specialized in this task who are capable of generating both freshwater and marine spaces by mixing ornamental pieces with natural ones in a perfect combination of singular beauty and harmony.

The days full of tension, the stress of the big cities, are one of the many excuses we find to recreate a natural space in our own home, a refuge a small sanctuary where the harmony and peace of the marine habitat can be the solution for a moment of relaxation.


Color, light and nature are the perfect combinations to provoke adventure.

Relax with nature.

The placement of an aquarium in your living room, hallway or room will help you experience this new world, full of peace and harmony, which will be summarized in a clear advantage in terms of health and well-being

The transparency and the diffuse lights and relax them, which are generated when passing through the aquarium can be a great advantage applied to your decoration.

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There are many companies in the market that work with this trend of decoration exploiting its benefits to the maximum.

One of them is ADN-Aquarium Design, which from the 2006 tries to create personalized aquatic environments adapted to each space, which functions as an object of central decoration.

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The purpose of commissioning the design of the aquarium to a company dedicated entirely to the task, is because it is not a simple task.

The multiplicity of marine organisms that exist require a correct selection, thus avoiding incompatibilities that generate the failure of the project and the death of the ecosystem.

You beyond creating a unique object of decoration and style will be creating a new world full of variables which can not be kept at random.

The maintenance of the aquarium and the time it demands is not an issue to keep in the background, each ecosystem is different and requires particular care, these companies can advise you faithfully of the requirements of your project.

The companies dedicated to the manufacture of domestic aquariums can not neglect the design, you can choose two well defined trends in decoration.

One of them is to take the aquarium as the central object of decoration, where all the accessories colors and furniture styles revolve around this implement.

Another trend is to define our aquarium as an accessory which will have to have certain aesthetic characteristics to respect the range of colors and styles existing in the room in which it will be implemented.

Beyond the wide range and variety of options in what aquariums exist, both in the ecosystem they host and in the morphology of their exterior.

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Only a deluded person could imagine that it does not contribute anything to the decoration of our environments and that it is totally incompatible with the styles and trends that adorn our spaces.