En decoration the palette chromatic says it all, or almost. Mark that before and after so longed to renew and update any space. Interior designers, decorators and professionals of the sector do not lose detail of the colors that become trend. Nothing like betting on new tonalities to blow another air to the environments. Generate other atmospheres. As simple as discovering what they are and how could they fit in your house.

the chromatic palette
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Although this year Pantone has nominated Living coral as the color for 2019, the chromatic palette that will have to speak the following months is a separate chapter. They are tones that they have been charging growing relevance The Center we do not stop contemplating in specialized journals, on social networks and in our favorite stores of big firms. There must be a reason.

The chromatic palette: beyond the pink

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If we have fallen surrendered before the seduction of the coral rose and its tropical connotations, very well. There is nothing to say and surely the chromatic palette that comes for this spring and summer will not matter too much. But maybe No. sea a colour that go a lot with us and therefore we do not feel like it nothing renovate the walls with your seal.

Although Pantone says it and we have in mind to paint the house this spring. Or maybe yes We have made the leap, but the idea is to do it with discretion. Include this coral in small doses, instead of throwing ourselves to transform surfaces like the main front of the bedroom or the partitions of the hall from top to bottom.

The truth is that this pastel tone is quite easy to integrate in the rooms without unpleasant surprises, especially in rooms with a neutral decoration. We can reserve it for the reasons and drawings of certain coatings, as for example the designer wallpapers if we have become addicted to them. As well over some small tapestry we will have success assured, like a stool or a pouf. Y Of course in any textile accessory.

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Those cushions so decisive to  give a new touch to the sofa in the living room, to our reading chair or to bed, that we love to dress with a composition of cushions and cushions of different shapes. However, in addition to this color There are other options. As the chromatic palette that comes stomping for this spring and summer: from a super chic burgundy to a smoke gray with Nordic airs.

Black: a cinematographic nod

In the chromatic palette of which I speak, it is not necessary that discover tones unimaginable Sometimes they are little used colors until nothing but they have always been there. And suddenly they show up as a sure value to cause such a spectacular change. Just what happens with black. Although it is fair to say that it has been occupying the first positions of the ranking for a few years, 2019 can be when it is consolidated in the domestic decoration. We have seen the unmistakable elegance that contribute in interior design projects and now it is the occasion to do it in our environments.

The chromatic palette adds whole with this color, infallible to surround yourself with different spaces and open to non-traditional aesthetic proposals. Still, in order not to take unnecessary risks, we can introduce it combined with its opposite color: the timeless white Another option is to compensate its intensity with furniture made of light woods, or play alone with soft ranges. We can also make him lose that seriousness that defines him by means of accessories and accessories made of fibers or natural materials, such as magazine racks for organize magazines and baskets. It is a magnificent bet to give a cinematic nod to our decoration.

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The key goes through do not abuse your presence, and thus not recharge or optically reduce the dimensions of the rooms. If it convinces us, it is very likely that the next step will be insert it in some piece of furniture for home. On tables, sideboards or perhaps equip the kitchen with furniture in black. The finishing touch.

Sand and gray: those who never disappoint

If we feel like it renew the color of the walls to create a more eclectic stamp and natural, the chromatic palette also offers two options that achieve it brilliantly. On the one hand, the sand tone it is a safe value to enjoy atmospheres sensual and warm. Those that we all want to have in our living or in the apartment to which we have just moved.

In floors and walls will be able to create a scenario full of harmony, which is very easy incorporate darker tones, or vegetal prints in murals or tapestries. It is an ally that goes with everything, so go ahead with this arena inspired by limestone. And if we want to reinforce its natural DNA, accompany it with plants, a smart garden of interior and craft objects. Will not disappoint you.

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Beside, the color palette brings another infallible proposal to cause changes of look that do not leave indifferent. I mean the gray in general and to smoke tone in particular. The fair thing is to say that the experts in interior design y decoration have been talking for a few years its many aesthetic possibilities. The main one is its ability to adapt to any style, and hence its success. Halfway between the purest gray and the blue, the result is a tone modern, one hundred percent eclectic.

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Combined with wood and white joinery It becomes a very modern, stylish and contemporary color. But also industrial materials and the vintage aesthetics go great. Dare with him to renovate the bedrooms or a work area.

Burgundy: seduction to power

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The last color of the chromatic palette It is full of magnetism and seduction. Nothing like playing with this dark range of red, wine, to guarantee the stays an exclusive air that falls in love. Of course, as long as you have searched the surface more solution to exhibit it. Perhaps on roofs and walls it takes on an unwanted theatrical aspect. Therefore, better reserve it for points more delimited, how can it be the upholstery of sofas or the carpet at the foot of the bed of the bedroom.

It's a tone perfect for environments where straight furniture predominates, somewhat minimal, or design, along with very pure materials, such as iron or concrete. The less elements there are around him, the more his beauty and his sexier side are discovered.

Which do you prefer?