Once we decide to renovate one of the chairs in our house or the complete set of those in the dining room or the living room we face a terrible reality, and that is in the stores and show rooms we find an infinity of models and styles that exceed our capacity of understanding, they overwhelm us and overwhelm us with their number and extension. In addition, many times that great offer we face can not reach the real reason for our decision is to find a comfortable chair, useful, economical and discreet.

Finding this special, durable and easily adaptable chair for our environments is no longer a problem, as the design house MAX DESING has managed to gather all the attributes that we look for in the ultra light SUGAR FREE chair. The visionary Italian designer MARCO ACERBIS has mixed the most advanced technology in materials and manufacturing - rotating seat in recyclable ABS, injection molded, with legs and body in chromed steel - with a single changing, sinuous and asymmetric surface. The chair is in matt and glossy finishes, and in colors such as white, red, black, gray, blue and yellow, allowing us to customize it visually and tactilely. The height of the chair is variable, between 56 and 76 cm., And its width is 40 cm. It is possible to observe it in the online catalog or buy it by visiting the website http://www.maxdesign.it.