I do not know if I define this object as a blanket, a rug, a mat, a pillow .... The fact is that its design is as original and fun to use.

It is an object inspired by the appearance of a snake. You can take as many forms as you want, either lying on it, wrapped up, using it as a pillow ... I'm sure I would be funky and need help to get out.

So as not to be frozen on the floor, it also incorporates a cable to connect it to the light through which the carpet, blanket ... is heated. For now it seems that its creator, Otto van Quast, does not have a store in Spain, so we would have to contact him via mail.

By the way, I forgot, do you know what the name of this design is? Eve. Ingenious, right?

More information: Otto von Quast

Via: I can not believe ...

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