I can not stand the monotony, I think it can be some kind of neurosis. I get bored always seeing the same thing and I need to change the position and the relationship of the elements that make up my life: I modify my work responsibilities, I try new routes within the city to move, I invent new combinations in the locker room, I research on new techniques educational to apply with the kids, I prepare novel recipes. Every day I kiss my husband as if he never did.

I need to always be in movement and I always try to get the best out of each place. I look for different qualities, whether they are formal characteristics, such as color, size, texture and composition, and I try to give them new meanings with small interventions. I like to use the accessories in functions that are not natural to them but if possible, for example converting an old television into a side table or a coffee pot in a vase.


I recently saw in the GREENER GADGETS DESIGN COMPETITION event a project called WAHS UP by Turkish designer SEVIN COSKUN. It is a washing machine integrated with a toilet. The design serves to save space and recycle gray water. The washing machine stores the washing water for reuse in the toilet cistern. More information on the Website www.core77.com