One of the incredible characteristics that modern and avant-garde decoration gives us is the implementation of daring colors, considered to be irreverent before more classics and conservatives, but the truth is that this is a characteristic that enhances the tendency does not represent a mandatory in its provisions.

black and white decoration-2

To which surely it will be able to limit that maintaining more traditional tonalities in many cases can fall at the expense of pieces of furniture reducing their aesthetic impact by hiding the lines that they conform its morphology, but it is there where the modern creators and decorators show all their creativity and are able to achieve incredible results just by achieving a chromatic game of subtle intelligence.

black and white decoration-6

This is based on the bicolor or dual decoration, which finds in its opposites the marvelous application of highlighting and highlighting the lines that characterize the space, within the tonalities that are usually selected to shape the practice we find, of course, the white and the black, the most opposite tones of the chromatic scale and which allow to maintain a state of seriousness and structuring even in spaces of a high avant-garde disposition.

black and white decoration

The transcendent of the trend is in the conjugation that is achieved with only two colors applied and distributed throughout the space, nor the smallest ornament escapes the theme, and we can see how the overall vision of our decorative project can completely change the avant-garde concept.

black and white decoration-3

Its application is based on implementing the white for the space, the color of the light, does not know of physical limits and creates the appearance of wider spaces, in turn the natural luminosity of the environment is enhanced.

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black and white decoration-7

Black is used to develop highlights, its application is careful and the proportion in relationship of 3 to 1 developing in this way a punctilious decorative concept where each ornament is carefully selected for its color, morphology and practice disposition, generating jumps in the observed space that become the most wonderful details that our visitors will observe.