In some facets of my life tends to attract me the irreverent, it is a good way to feed the sense of humor so little animadillo that walks the poor by the times they run. The other day I heard someone say that the sense of humor is a sign of intelligence, and I kept thinking, because I like then what the "intelligent people" of Chispum design. I met this kind of company through that social network that everyone has, I became his friend and started browsing his website, which is actually a blog, like this one.


They say they sell "author's objects", and define the phrase as objects that come directly from the head of its creator, whose journey from it to your home, which you want to decorate, is short, because they are cool objects, with character and life own, that not only decorate but coexist. «Happy objects».

banspam-hereI loved the definition. And I began to look at what they do. These are ideal vinyl for informal houses, people who can change their register and move from real life to comic books, going through a window painted on the wall or hanging the bag on a fictitious rack.


They are vinyl in black and white or in color, simple in lines and rich in creativity. They have several series: love, bathroom, kitchen, stories, children, portals, typography, urban, various and vegetable. Among them there is everything, because their authors are very creative people. Designs tender, happy, romantic, fantasy, or that, irreverent (you only have to see how the page is loaded just open it), the ones I like the most. The prices are quite tight, there are vinyls of different sizes and the best: they are sold online and distributed every time by more Latin American countries.

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