Original House is a company that is dedicated to the creation of decoration products made with magnet, magnetized panels, exactly. They are sheets printed in high quality with drawings, patterns and patterns that can be adhered to any surface containing metal. It is easily put on and removed and leaves no stains, and can be stored and rolled up without being damaged due to its flexibility.

It can be used in doors, elevators, vehicles, furniture, garage doors, and in recent times also in appliances. The surfaces that do not have any metallic component can also be decorated with these sheets using a product that they have called Original Metal. It suffices to apply it previously on the walls so that they are "metallicized".

His collection is divided mainly into three:

- Collection (drawings, prints and varied motifs)

- Customized (photos, drawings, phrases ...)

- Plain colors

They even include smooth models with slate surface, to be able to write on them. Through the website you can see the prices of all the models and measures, as well as purchase the products in their online store Originalhouse.es


  1. The truth is these plates are fabulous to give a totally different touch to our appliances.
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