We have already found one more purpose for the plastic bottles and bottles that are around the house and that we usually throw away, especially those that contain detergents and the like.

They are large plastic bottles that we often do not use at all, not like the bottles of soft drinks and drinks that we reuse for water, so they usually go to the container directly. However, a young designer has taught us that something more can be done with them: a lamp.

His name is Rui Pereiras and is a designer specialized in works with plastic and around a large cylindrical base was melting with a torch little by little each bottle to join them all creating a consolidated structure. After that, it was only necessary to carry out the electrical installation and hang it from the ceiling.

The aesthetic result is spectacular, a burst of color located in the center of what appears to be an office or shop that catches your attention as soon as you enter.

Via: Hometone

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  1. to me I parse very difisil that I barely have 10 years and for technology they asked me to eat an indibidual with bottles but of culiyi I got on this page

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