The LEIF lamp, designed by the HERMAN MILLIER house, is one of the avant-garde design options most committed to improving the environment. In addition to using LED lighting saving technology, it is made of recyclable materials and has been produced without generating waste. It has been designed following the protocol for the DfE environment and its manufacturing has emphasized the sustainable processes and the use of recyclable materials, reaching an 95%.

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It uses LED lighting technology, which allows ordinary light bulbs not to be used but light chips in your system; 10 chips are blue-white (cool) or yellow-white (hot). At the base of your body is the light intensity adjuster, which allows you to create different environments, and also mix the temperature emitted by the cold and warm chips. The economy of resources is reflected in the fact that it only uses 9 watts, 40 percent less than a fluorescent bulb, and its useful life amounts to 100,000 hours, more than eight times the longevity of traditional light bulbs. The design can be defined as elegant: its structure is light and sculptural and gives the lamp an organic aspect, which makes it discreet and at the forefront of trends. It has an innovative heat dissipation system that keeps it cool without the need for additional ventilation. It is available in five different finishes: black, white, red, nickel-plated and polished.

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Its ability to adjust allows you to rotate, at the base, 180 degrees and recline up to 27 degrees, forward, and 23 backwards. The movement of the bulb is 210 rotation, thus allowing use as direct light or, if folded on itself, as indirect. More information on the Website