From hour to hour and from time to time, the phone rings just when one has just gotten into bed, under the thermal blankets, with the pillow positioned on the back, to browse the newspaper. It is not only annoying that the possibility of changing the attentive and calm reading of the news by a superficial and rapid conversation is present and unavoidable, but to leave the comfort created with so much effort is a real effort. My phone is not wireless and it's in the living room.

There is nothing more pleasant than getting between the blankets on a winter day, at the 6 in the afternoon and read what you want. Accompanied by a cup of coffee, a chocolate bar, the TV remote control, the mobile phone and the wireless, which is what I do not have. Another fundamental thing to create the perfect picture is to have a good lamp, which allows reading and we are glad to have it close.

Imagen 7

I have found a very beautiful and special lamp that can supply that function with advantage. It is called PANAMA LAMP and was designed by WIM RIETVELD in the fifties. It is designed to be mounted on the wall but sometimes as a table lamp, so it is installed at an average height. The model I like is No. 4050, which is white and being polyester gives the light a diffusion effect. The arm, extensible and addressable, is metallic and gray. More information on the Website