From the other side of the pond comes a design as simple as peculiar. The Chilean Chaim Telias has designed a pendant lamp, or as you prefer to call it made in polystyrene, also known as porexpan or white cork. His name is Lior No. 2.

The design is simple because it is an almost square screen and in a color that seems to be white or beige, the surprise is that we can personalize it ourselves in a simpler way.

We are not going to need tools or any other device other than our hands, our nails, or in the absence of a knife or something that can scrape. How everything you will have ever checked in your life, the white cork or poppy is undone when we scratch it, and that is exactly what we are going to do with Lior Nº2.

We can tear through a corner, on the other, on the side ... where we want because the result depends on our skill tearing. The result is that no lamp will be the same as another, because no matter how much we want to obtain an equal result to another, it will never be the same, you see, the human being is imperfect and in the case of manual works, it is almost impossible for two objects to be identical.

We can do with several of them and thus create an imperfectly perfect lamp exhibition, or we can also acquire only one of them and show it as the treasure of the collection. In any sure way that attracts attention, although be careful when scratching, it is not going to be that you pass and there is no more lamp left than the cable and the light bulb.

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