«Jack in the Box»Is a curious design, as is its name:« jack in the box ». It is a creation of the study 45 kilo and a priori we can think that it is a lamp. Okay, we can say that by looking at the first of the images. But if we look at the second, many questions arise.

Supposedly it is a floor lamp made of teak wood and steel, that is the way it seems to have, because in reality where the light should go, light bulb, halogen light source in general there are a number of sockets that run under the screen. So?

If we look at the explanation that they give us in the web of the study, the enigma is solved, and it is even understood: «Desks as workspace include a great amount of technology to be fed by means of cables, We wanted to create something around this »

Taking this explanation as a reference we would say that it is a kind of giant, elevated and stylish strip. With a slightly simplified explanation it would be reduced to that. What they have done has been to give a touch of glamor or extravagance to a fact as simple as having gadgets or electronic objects that we use every day, using an inverted strip suspended in a structure that reminds us of a lamp.

It is a very interesting concept but I do not know how useful it is because all the cables will be hanging on the desk, unless we have it a few centimeters or meters from it, letting the cables hang like an artistic piece.

Further information: 45 kilo

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Vía: Design Milk