If we had a problem of lack of space and we should decide between putting a comfortable leather armchair, with a great body and a lot of style, reactive, elegant and classic, or a standing lamp, attractive, suggestive and very artistic, we would be in a serious problem, because both the armchair and the lamp, would make our living room more beautiful and cozy. We have to decide? Yes, is there an option to have both pieces?

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The LEE BROOM design house has a very interesting proposal that requires a lot of vision and courage, if we want to adopt it. The CLUB chair, which is also a lamp, has in its leather upholstery a quantity of LED bulbs sufficient to illuminate the living room or the garden; one on each button of the carpet. It is an avant-garde mix between a lighting complement and a classic leather armchair design. It was originally manufactured as a collector's item, it has a total of 75 bulbs attached to its body and can be made upholstered in white leather. Measures 105 cm in width, 90 cm. of deep, 75 cm. of height when spreading and 35 cm to the square. We can find it in chocolate and white. To purchase the chair, visit the website www.leebroom.com