The carpets in the decoration

Whether in a town house, in a town house or in any environment, the carpets convey a feeling and atmosphere of a society that is not ours, transmit a different style to the Western one.

At the time of buying a carpet we must keep in mind where it will be placed, what will be its functionality, the furniture or the decoration that it will have around it and the size it should have, among other aspects.

All this will depend on the choice of one type or another of carpet. To help you in your choice and to make it as accurate as possible, we are going to ask you a series of tips and ideas.

For example, a carpet too small placed in a large room, can give a poor impression, it will not look good. But neither should it be too big and cover the entire floor, since a beautiful floor can enhance our carpet and enhance the decoration of the room.

A carpet that will be very exposed to the use, to the transit, must be robust and heavy, in order to stay well in place and not to move. And, for example, it can also be advantageous for an isolated carpet on which one walks very rarely, that has a motif and a configuration that attracts the eyes, as if it were a jewel.

Beware of carpets that have a central motif, since this forces you to arrange the furniture of your environment in a symmetrical way to it. A carpet without a central medallion gives us greater freedom.

The carpets should be taken care of regularly in order to prolong their durability and aesthetic qualities.

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One of the actions we have to do more regularly is to remove the dust. This action should be done with the vacuum cleaner, in brush mode. This maintenance is essential, because if you do not do it, the dust will enter the fibers of your carpet and drown them. In addition, a dirty carpet attracts more moths.