As we have seen in previous articles, the shelves have evolved remarkably becoming today the centerpiece of the decoration.

But this radical change is not generated overnight, is that the shelves have changed significantly in their conception, functionality and of course technical attitudes that make them suitable for implementation of any space.

A clear example of this is this shelving that manages to maintain an imperfect order, thanks to what has been learned from its aesthetics and the particularity of its forms.

In another order of things we find shelves that decorate by themselves, as if they were a whole inside the space, unavoidable not to see them when entering the room, to go through the living room and even in our bedroom, transcending even more the ornamental accessories that we have on them.

Without the slightest doubt the enormous amount of books and papers that we accumulate over the years favor that their storage respecting the essential characteristics so that they are not damaged, requires that they are visible, aerated and of course exposed to the visual, it is that we end up with shelves full of countless documents, are a real problem for aesthetics of the home.

For this the creators have tried to develop ways and ways in which the over dosing of accessories books and magazines are in themselves Decoration, Transgressive, transcendent and innovative this new way of interpreting the shelves It is famous for the preconditions that the vast majority of us already have.


At the same time, their daring morphology are interpreted by resistant and light materials, they are tinged with avant-garde luminaries which conforms a bunch of highly pleasing aesthetic attitudes, capable of surprising even the most precise of the decorators

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Even some of these shelves can give you several ideas, to give a second chance to this furniture that has fallen into disuse, in fact simply with a little ingenuity and appreciating these ideas you can entrust your carpenter that I made a high-end shelf which will decorate your spaces with a unique style and glamor.