Hydroponic crops are an ancient technique used to grow plants and flowers in a completely natural environment indoors. Today this technique has evolved rapidly allowing us to grow in spaces, as small as our terrace, healthy legumes, plants, vegetables and fruits of premium quality, for our own consumption. The environmental requirements demanded by the cultivation of the plants can be covered by all the products that are currently on the market, such as growth materials or land, nutrient solutions and lights that accelerate the metabolism of plants. This unique method of planting can be used to build a beautiful garden or self-consumption garden without the need to worry about the adverse weather conditions or the seasons.

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The issues that we must control to achieve develop a hydroponic culture in our homes are; light and electricity, which are programmed daily; the cleaning and cyclic aeration system; nutrients and sustenance for growth or planting medium, with PH controlled; humidification systems of the environment and accessories, which are necessary depending on the type of crop that we are planting.

The BOTANICARE POWER CLONER system allows to put any fruit, flower, grass, vegetable or tree in plantation and growth, guaranteeing the accelerated growth of its roots in a period of 5 to 10 days. Includes a high pressure submersible accessory, has a capacity of 10 reserve gallons, conserves moisture, has a cyclic air cleaning system and a water purification solution dispenser. More information on the Website www.garden.com.