There decorative objects that fulfill, in addition to its ornamental fusion, a characteristic that identifies who implements it in its purest concept of beauty, one of them are lamps and there is no doubt that being a carrier of these characteristics there is such a wide range of possibilities when selecting the luminaires for our decoration.


But there is a category within this broad universe that takes distance, and differs from the rest, we refer to the luminaires for desks or studies, they are even though it may sound crazy a reliable sample of the aesthetic concept of its owner, and a luxury representative for the trend applied in space.


Even many of the most characteristic or popular models of the trend are raised in scale thus forming an impressive piece that will decorate our room with a remarkable added value, and is that it is not a novel piece but a well known but totally disproportionate, as the one formed by the British company 1227 Anglepoise worthy of admiration.


Even in modern times and about trends oriented towards the future and the new concept of line and color, The retro or antique desk lamps, are priced in a way as an ornamental piece, and we refer precisely to its cost, but to the contribution they make to the environment in its timeless character, providing a touch of intimacy and of course generating the most important of any space the environment, it will condition our activity to be developed, fostering reading, fostering and, above all, the fundamental idea of ​​belonging.

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family of horses- lamp bag-lamp

Other more innovative artists such as the company's designers System Design Studio, they create unique and highly characteristic unique pieces, which not only bring beauty but functionality, such as the outstanding ilamp, a flexible desk lamp adaptable to any structure and a remarkable vanguard.


The truth is that the Desk lamps are unique, and have a timeless character that makes them a piece worthy of desire even many times even of admiration, their choice is not simple although it must cover the needs of its implementation without damaging the aesthetics of the decoration, providing a plus that few decorative objects can achieve.

lampara_italiana lamp-flexible-ilamp