Today we will tell you what the best plants to decorate interiors, because as often happens we see a variety of plants and choose randomly, with the disastrous result that neither flourish nor adapt to the environment so we must dispense with them and our intention of a natural setting for the living room or the corridors of home. It is not that difficult to choose, more than everything it is required to know what are the plants suitable for indoor.

It is important to take into account the space where they will be used, because direct or indirect light is vital for the plant, some do not require almost any light and will be ruined if we place them near a window with direct sunlight during the hours of more intensity. And some others may resent having no light, while like everything else in life, some more will bloom beautiful in the shade forever, and all this because some of them are perhaps ideal for decorate interiors with plants and others are not at all.

It is not necessary then more than a little attention, choosing those plants that until today have demonstrated their capacity to survive in the shade in conditions of total beauty. In the case of choosing well, we can put together small "oases" in corridors or rooms where 2 or 3 can gather flowerpots with their plants or more if you want but you can also choose different size flowerpots in different parts of the environment.

Think of the advantage of decorate with flowers, because they pleasantly oxygenate the environment and impose a natural aspect in it. The best plants you can choose are the cactus in all its varieties, preferring the size according to how much space is available to them. The rest of the plants are the topiary angel ivy, the ficus, the calm camedora. Also suitable are the pots with herbs such as lavender and rosemary that also impregnate the environment with aroma, ideal for the garden or the interior windows of the home. The orchids and the lilies.


  1. I in particular would not use cactus in the decoration they seem very crude apart from that they give sensation of violence. It does not even diminish the electromagnetics as it was enlivened, but find out. Better decorate it with colorful flowers. Beautiful flowers that make the environment beautiful and warm. harmony in the home.

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