A dream trip inside a forest where our dreams reside, seen from the point of view of a child, although with its always present and disturbing adult touches ... this would define the style that prints his new collection of Lamps-object Galician Bad habit.

bad habitMade entirely of recyclable and natural materials, these lamps will bring a touch of warm light to any room, and are a unique and unrepeatable art object, since they are handmade and each one has a different design.

the bad habit2

the bad habit3

Layers superimposed on Japanese paper cut delicately by hand and using scalpels, which take us into a story that is complete in the artist's head, and from which these object-lamps let us glimpse a part as a shadow theater.

the bad habit4

A unique and special gift for Christmas, decorative art to give a magical touch to any corner of your home.

the bad habit5

Bad habit

This is the artistic name of the artist from A Coruña that moves between the world of design and that of communication, where illustration is an important part of her work. When she creates for herself, outside the market, she does it for love of art and takes refuge in this pseudonym. After him he vindicates his taste for uncomfortable truths, for taboos, for situations that defy normality. This is the theme of his most personal drawings, those in which he evokes his most intimate secrets.

More info: www.lamalacostumbre.com