Who has not been in the situation of being on the verge of falling asleep but not being able to do it because the light of the room is on and to have the switch so far that it is necessary to stand up to be able to turn it off. On this occasion we know that there is no way out: if we do not turn off the light we will not rest easy and if we get out of bed to reach the switch, the dream, so difficult to achieve, will surely escape. It is increasingly common to have a switch next to the bed or use table lamps in the room.

Another situation with no exit occurs in the bathroom: we go to take a shower and take the towel with which we will dry in the hand, we hang it on the rack that is next to the mirror and we enter the water. When we are fresh and completely clean we want to dry but the coat rack, which is so close to the mirror, is not at all in the bathtub. We do not want to wet the floor, we do not want to put wet feet on the tiles, we just want the towel nearby. Leaving the bathtub draining water and crossing the entire space to take the towel is the only solution. Options there are several but none definitive. Although, the truth, if there is a cure for this evil.

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The ROD wet clothes rack, from the design house POLDER, is a chrome accessory that is assembled in the tubular support of the shower curtain and can be used in any bathroom. The easy way in which the piece is mounted makes its installation more than simple, also with the ability to extend its diameter, it is possible to use it with tubular supports of different thicknesses. The bathroom hanger has two places: one internal to hang sponges and another external for towels. This design, as revolutionary as it is discreet, manages to bridge the difference between the storage of bathroom furniture and its accessibility when using it. More information on the website www.polder.com