How much pleasure we feel when coffee time arrives: the first at the time of waking up, the mid-morning one that animates us or the one after the meal that sweetens the taste and fills us with energy. Drinking coffee becomes for us a rite that involves the performance of certain activities, guides us about the time of day or announces a social activity, such as family reunions and meetings with old friends. Not only the precise moment of taking it fills us with well-being: we start by buying a selected grain in our favorite store or in the corner market -where we are already so familiar-, then we store it in an inherited container, we prepare it in a coffee machine that it means a lot to us for the new, for the old or for the modern. Finally, we serve it in cups, special for its size, for its resistance to heat, for its design; They are old, new, bright, chipped or none of the ones we have is the same as another one and they are certainly full of memories.


To give a special character to the coffee cups, the Canadian design house FURNI has created the BRIGADE set. There are four beautiful pieces made in white porcelain and that resemble cardboard cups in which traditionally we take it out of the house, not only that reminds us of the self-service, but also the beautiful base to place them, made of agglomerated walnut and non-slip rubber , that gives a touch of distinction and unity to the design. The cups can be machine washed and used in microwaves. More information at