One of the most desired spaces for our family and loved, when we have it, is the terrace. In it we can share true moments of entertainment and relaxation with our loved ones. Depending on the size you have is the number of guests that we can invite to our barbecues, to outdoor meals, to enjoy a night party or good wines in summer. Due to the great amount of events that can occur in this precious treasure of our home, it is essential to keep it always well furnished and ready to enjoy it and exploit it properly; reclining chairs, a spacious table, umbrellas, plants, audio players, a grill and if possible, a pool for our children and those of friends.

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A highly recommended piece of furniture to achieve a perfect terrace is the MOCCAR chair, from the Japanese design house LEIF-DESIGN PARK, which combines beauty, quality of materials and a novel design, creating a comfortable and pleasant piece. The reclining chair, which has a cushion upholstered in black leather, resistant to weathering, has a metal structure that allows you to change the angle of inclination and be very easy to move, thanks also to its wheels. The main attraction of the design is the dynamic network that supports our weight when sitting, since it adapts perfectly to any position and gives it a unique and avant-garde look. It also has a space for us to place books, magazines, the blocking cream or whatever we need to spend a comforting day under the sun and with the family. More information on the Website