Lasser It is already a regular brand in our blog and we like to be up to date with the new projects and models that it brings to the market, as it has done in the last edition of Casa Decor Madrid. There he presented four models of screens for four different projects in which the only common element has been the refined aesthetics, the perfect sealing, the preservation and the isolation of the space.

Each series has been interpreted according to the needs of the environment in which they were to be included and the premises of each interior designer. The different screens are characterized by sober, elegant and strong lines of each type, providing the space not only an aesthetic that is in tune with each style, but the firmness of the structure of each creation, is guaranteed.

Among all of them there is a common feature and that what identifies them is the beauty of their lines, the transparency of the crystals, which provide lightness to the environment, and the ergonomic shapes of the fittings and the definitive quality of all the creations.

In the images, this design and its characteristics are applied in a very original way to a children's bathroom inspired by the world of football, with the walls in green like grass of the big fields, with a ball like bathtub and with benches as seats for changing clothes.

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