The Bande It is a strange but original creation of the designer Sarah Lovgren. It is a sofa, armchair, bed, etc ... or as we want to call it because, thanks to its articulated form, it can change its position.

It is developed in collaboration with Franzi Kohlhoff and consists of two independent pieces. On the one hand the structure of what would be the bed or chair (or also somier, articulated) and elsewhere the "mat" made with a more flexible material and extending outside of what would be the furniture creating a band of a couple of meters that can be placed in different ways, since its flexibility allows several positions, as we see in the images.

On the structure, as an armchair, reclining like a bed with the bands above, towards a side, any shape that we imagine. It is the result of the final project of Lovgren and responds to the motto «Space in the context of sensual perception».

Vía: Freshome