We can not allow worries and occupations to distract us too much to make us forget about special dates, the occasions when our beloved family and friends celebrate their birth, the day of their saints, their commitments, the purchase of their first floor or his job promotion.

No matter the reason, the important thing is that they require our attention and we must give it, along with a kiss, a hug, a bottle of wine and a gift. The kiss and the hug, we get the heart, the wine we get in the supermarket (the more expensive the better) and the gift ... that is a complicated issue that has a solution but requires commitment and concentration.


A lamp always comes in handy, the more beautiful we give it. The HUMPTYT lamp is a glass lamp that is balanced by using a point of weight located at its base. Taking into account that the base is hemispherical, the contrast between its fragility is stronger.

In addition, since the lamp has a point of focused light, the set acquires a surreal tone, it looks like it is floating in the air. It is possible to extend the electric current cable of the lamp and create different possibilities by modifying the height at which we put it. The object gives the impression of being invisible.

More information can be found on the website philippemalouin.com