The Spanish company Ceracasa has created an original tile that combines the care of the environment with the decoration. Its name is Lifewall, and it is 1 m2 panels where you can have any vegetation, that is, they are tiles that instead of ceramics have plants that will decorate the walls green.

It is a system developed by the architect Emilio Llobat de Maqla Arquitectos, Azahar Energy and Ceracasa, who have created an alliance to market it around the world together with different options from Aliva, an expert company in ventilated façade systems.

The plants are drip irrigated, to optimize the use of water and the panels can be placed in different ways creating drawings or structures on the facades. These have been thought to be combined with another product of the company: Bionictile. It is a porcelain tile with the capacity to destroy nitrogen oxides in the air, and combined with the actions of plants, it achieves an important decontaminating action in the cities.

Bionictile uses a special design and a patented enamel that reacts the NOx (nitrogen oxides) with the UV rays of the sun and moisture, converting the NOx into very small amounts of nitrates, inert and innocuous to human health that can be used by Lifewall as a subscription. It does not need maintenance and according to the tests carried out by the Polytechnic University of Valencia, it seems capable of doing what it promises.

According to the estimates of the company, using Bionictile in 200 buildings, a volume equivalent to 2.638 million m3 of air per year would be decontaminated, or what is the same, more than 400.000 people could breathe clean air for a year.

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If your action is proven, here we have one more way to get rid of the pollution that damages us so much, especially in overcrowded areas like the big cities.

Further information: Ceracasa

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