You already know that philosophy DIY(do it yourself = do it yourself) I love it. That of messing with materials makes me very curious, I enjoy ... And to you, I know that in the background you are as excited as I am.

Taking advantage of the approaching day of Valentine, I propose to decorate and set the house for the day of lovers, precisely with some lights made by you.

I mean some lights like these:

lights heart

Originals, right ?.

To perform this type of lighting you will only need:

  • Led lights (like those on the Christmas tree, but only in red).
  • A table (the size you want the heart to have).
  • Cutter
  • Tape

And these are the steps to follow to realize it:

  • Draw a heart on the table.
  • Keep in mind that you must be focused and well proportioned. If you prefer, you can even make the template on a piece of paper and then pass it to the table.
  • Following the line of the heart, draw small squares on it. In this case you must take into account the separation between the squares, it must always be the same and also the measurements of the squares, which must also have all the same measure.
  • Now, using a scalpel cutter, cut the squares you have drawn.
  • Place the wires of the lights on the back of the lamp. Then, take one of the lights by a small square of the heart.
  • Fix the cables with adhesive tape to the back of the table so they do not remain hanging.
  • With the same material as the table (cork, cardboard ... which you have decided to use) makes a barrier to protect the cables and also to hang the lamp. Keep in mind that the barrier should not be seen from the front, to achieve it place it in the central part of the table.
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Probably the images help you to understand a little better how to make this original lamp:


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