We love the upholstery but how easy they are to stain them. Especially talking about furniture, textiles and other surfaces arranged in the decoration of children's areas or rooms where there is a lot of traffic.

Once the upholstery is stained, we will try to treat it immediately, in this way we prevent the dirt from penetrating deeply.

We must bear in mind that not all types of fabric can get wet, there are certain that must be dry cleaned. In this way we will always check whether the fabric can be wet or not.


To test this we can moisten the upholstery, in an area that can not be seen. Then we put a cotton pad and passed the iron over it. Look if there is any trace of color on the cloth, if we see color stain the upholstery should not be wet. On the contrary, if we see that the cloth is clean, the upholstery can get wet.

When we proceed to solve any stain of upholstery, we will always clean this with your specific product making a movement from the fence to the center of the stain. In this way we prevent it from spreading.

For the spots of fat it suffices to throw a little talcum powder on these and let it act for half an hour. Then we will brush the area.

The chocolate or coffee beans can be discarded by mixing a part of hydrogen peroxide, four of water and one drop of ammonia.

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