Industrial Upholstery is a collection of chairs made by Gilli Kuchik, with the collaboration of Gil Sheffi and Ran Amitai, their partners and partners in the Bakery Studio, It operates from Tel-Aviv. His work focuses mainly on the research and creation of products based on polyurethane foam.

In this particular case these chairs have been applied / injected two types of polyurethane: high density polyurethane as used in construction, or polyurethane foam for comfort, which is normally used for sofas, armchairs or cushions.

The particularity of his work is to see each creation as an individual product, abstracting from the rest and focusing only on it. Although each project is particular, one of the designers, all discuss in a group about the pros and cons of their new creation, what is good or what should be improved, etc ...

The result is a chair that is both comfortable and resistant, in bright colors, smooth on the front and rough on the back and bottom, with an appearance similar to stones. It is perfect for youth environments, especially as study chairs for children, teenagers and young people, who will enjoy the comfort of the combination of the two types of foam. At the same time they will be quite light, something that is also attenuated with the thin steel legs that we see in the images.

More information: Bakery Studio

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