Si you still have a few days of vacation or do not rule out changing your urban life for another more natural, this cabin with sustainable decoration it is an innovative alternative, of course. A minimal refuge with zero emissions that can function as a home. Or as an accommodation to plan a quick getaway. But there is much more to tell you about it.

cottage with sustainable decoration

Betting on a cabin with sustainable decoration like Nolla implies declaring us defenders of domestic spaces responsible with the environment. And also some lovers of any architectural solution that gives us freedom to move with her on her back. This Simple design inspired by the usual tents and that means zero in Finnish is.

A cabin with sustainable and removable decoration

Robin Falck, a young designer Finnish resident in Helsinki, he is the creator of this cabin with sustainable decoration. A project that responds to brave people formulas to build through minimum emissions. And an ambitious challenge launched by the Finnish renewable energy company Neste. Of course his initiative does not leave indifferent and shows that it is possible to consider a low-impact daily life.

Living in this cabin with sustainable decoration is quite an experience. It will put us to the test on whether we feel comfortable resting in a small space, it consists of a cabin of 10 square meters. Or rather, a versatile bedroom with everything necessary to be comfortable and where there is a space for Finnish design furniture. A habitable container full of charm that evokes traditional tents despite being made of local plywood. From his face principal of glass let it natural light and the first rays of sun fall inside. An endearing memory for anyone who has made a camping in the countryside. And therefore enjoyed a similar awakening.

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For a vacation or in the city

It is easy to imagine this cabin with sustainable decoration with a holiday use. Your conception one hundred percent mobile, ready to move wherever you want, and its assembly system makes it a ideal refuge for a few days. If there is something that defines it, it is Its ease of moving, disassembling and assembling joining together as if it were a puzzle. Y without screws. In addition, Nolla lacks solid foundation or foundations. The cabin is supported on pillars or supports that make possible its installation on all types of environments, like Vallisaari Island. In this bucolic Finnish place there is a model installed and designed to stay a few nights prior reservation.

However, this cabin with sustainable decoration It is also a lifestyle option for modern cities. A compact housing that does not require heavy machinery to be moved. Without discarding it as a singular accommodation of removes and pon in outdoor events. Regardless of one option or another, the main value of this project does not reside there. The important is that defends self-sufficiency and renewable solutions as effective proposals to live surrounded by comfort without harming the planet. An eco-friendly spirit that infects every square meter of its interior.

Energy self-sufficiency: a lifestyle

Everything in this cabin with sustainable decoration respects the environment to the fullest. Inside and outside. That's why the renewable energy you may need to make life in it the 24 hours of the day is generated through solar panels. An effective system that feeds on the light and the sun existing in its environment. But the refuge offers more ecological surprises in its domestic approach. In it everything is designed to guarantee zero waste.

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Have heating o want to cook are not a problem. A powerful stove with renewable diesel is responsible for covering these domestic needs. Comfort is left so guaranteed At any time of year when one decides to stay in this little house where Finnish wood It is the main coating.

An interior with Finnish stamp

This delicate container invites to outer contemplation. Most likely it is nestled on the shore of a wonderful lake or perhaps in the heart of a forest. And its main facade is a privileged viewpoint to enjoy these views. As a perfect vehicle to connect with nature. But this cabin with sustainable decoration It would not be the same without the choice of your furniture. A short family of Finnish design pieces wonderfully chosen for harmony to reign.

From the beds to the side tables and the lamps respond to a minimalist aesthetic and refined, faithful to the natural and simple atmosphere of the interior space. No distracting detail or contradicts the philosophy of the project. Their commitment to caring for the environment and low emissions favor living in sensitive natural environments. That's why textiles and bedding from each corner are linen, jute and even bamboo fabrics. Not even your crockery escapes the ecological approach that flags this cabin with sustainable decoration. Once used, it is broken down into a compost.

Can you imagine staying a few days in it?

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