Smallville is one of my favorite series, or rather it was because lately the plot is getting entangled too much and I feel a little lost at the same time disenchanted. For those of you who have ever seen it, the names that I will say below will sound to you, but if it is not, do not worry, it is not essential for the meaning of the article. Well, in the eighth or ninth season, I do not remember very well, Chloe is going to live in a tower that her husband gives her from where you can see the whole city: the watchtower.

Taking into account that she is a new journalist and her husband a photographer who is beginning to stand out and who has also been on leave from the hospital for quite some time, I do not know how they could afford a house like that because with a normal mortgage you can pay it , and today I corroborated my suspicion with this New York dome house.

Is a super luxury house that is for sale in New York, in one of the great buildings of Fifth Avenue, composed of three floors, of which the last one is a dome.

At the entrance we see a huge room, with windows and views of the city, a piano and two terraces, and the kitchen open to the living room. On the second floor we find a large circular library, the rooms and a large sun terrace. Going up the library we reach the highest part, a double room inside the dome, with a circular shape and a large lamp hanging from the ceiling.

It seems that this house is real and is for sale but very few will be able to afford a place like this to live, of course with a normal salary of journalist and impossible photographer, even in Metropolis (Illinois) and not in New York.

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