Everyone has their hobbies and housewives have some very particular. I love washing the dishes, I love the feeling of water running through my hands, the soap is soft and the dishes when they are clean are so bright. Of course I do not use rubber gloves and obviously the detergent that I put in my silversmith is the one that "is hard with soft dirt with your hands". I clarify that I do not like to wash pots and that silverware are my favorites, I organize them by type and then by games, I wash them with great care, I put them to dry and then I put them in the corresponding boxes.

As I like to scrub, I hate ironing clothes. I do not wear shirts so I do not have to warm my face with the steam of the hateful little machine that besides being dangerous is uncomfortable and archaic. My children also do not wear ironing clothes and my husband manages very well on his own when preparing his office attire; In fact, sometimes I iron a very cute skirt that I only wear when he and his spirit removes wrinkles. It is true that there are options for not having to spend whole evenings caressing clothes with this hot pot but they are not as effective.


There is an iron that I like, I do not know if it is enough to ask my boy not to smooth my skirt but enough to have it at home, just in case I am obliged one day. Designed by Tatasuya Kobayashi, this iron has two main characteristics that make it different: the first is that it uses LED light technology that lets you know the temperature level depending on the intensity of the red light, and the second is the silicone coating on the handle that makes it a comfortable element to use. She is light and very beautiful, with a futuristic-retro style that even me, a staunch enemy of her family, manages to captivate. More information on the Website www.yankodesign.com