Our image is very important for us and in this statement, which does not have much more vanity than necessary, there is as much truth as we must take care of our health, take care of keeping us in good physical condition, feed us healthy, protect us from the sun, have a good oral health, and in general, take on ourselves the necessary care to ensure a peaceful existence and a good relationship with the environment in which we develop our lives: home, office, school, university, even the internet. It is essential to make our children aware of how important it is to recognize their appearance and how much they should take care of it. Girls are probably more likely to check their appearance, but it would not hurt for boys to worry about it too. How can we recognize our image and learn to value and judge it? Making use of a mirror How to approach children to their use? With one that is very fun.


The POLAROID mirror, designed by Collin O'Dowd, is a beautiful accessory that also has a special meaning for lovers of photography. Its appearance recalls the traditional format of Polaroid photos, not only because of its size, 10,7 cm x 8,8 cm, but because its frame, made of white vinyl, resembles that of these classic shots. The funny thing is that instead of a photo we will find a mirror, so every time we look at it it will seem that we are seeing a Polaroid, of ourselves and with animation. Children will love their toy mirror, keep their teeth clean and begin in the world of photography. Visit the page www.colinodowd.com.