The accessories, In the decor, they are as important as they are essential in most houses. Without them the decoration shows coldness, lacks personality and style.
The same decoration, just by modifying the accessories can change completely and radically ...
The accessories give us the power to create the decoration we really want.

I have found a very clear example that shows the great importance of accessories in decoration. Look:


The images speak for themselves…
  • In the first photograph there is a cold terrace, without grace. A terrace that can be used perfectly but that is far from being a cozy space. It can be seen that, despite being a very small space, it has a lot of potential and has not been taken advantage of.
  • The second photograph shows a simply spectacular change. How has this change been achieved? Well the truth is that it has been achieved with some flowers that have been placed in baskets, a colorful carpet and simple cushions that have been placed on the seat of chairs. Only three elements have been needed to provide personality and style to this terrace, three elements that make it a cozy and charming space.
    The trend in the chosen decoration is clearly feminine and very colorful, ideal for Spring and Summer.

    The great advantage that is just by changing some accessories, it is possible to modify the decoration.