If she does not stop surprising us with her designs, we can not miss the appointment and once again we bring you a new creation of Patricia Urquiola. On this occasion he has been inspired by nature and its whims, specifically in the Rift Valley.


This area is located in Africa and is a great geological fracture that runs east of the continent from north to south. Since its size appeared, it has been increasing year after year, fracturing more and more until, within millions of years, it ends up separating completely and forming a new continent and a new ocean. But that is something that we will not see.


What matters to us here is how Urquiola wanted to reflect that process and the clash of lands, of techntonic plates that move and diverge, in his model Rift creating the backrest of the armchairs and sofa with different parts that converge. The feeling that the user has is of sliding movement, just what happens every day, millimeter by millimeter, in the Rift Valley. rift-3

The brand that distributes them could not be other than defaulting, a regular on our page and in collaborations with the Asturian designer.

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