Coconut Salt is a company that has landed in the market a short time ago but that has conquered us all with their designs. It commercializes textile articles fundamentally for the rooms of babies and children, from the cradle to the dormintorio juvenile: sheets, polar blankets, nordic covers, polar blankets, etc ...


Its products that include in 4 collections or categories of colors: acid, pinkie, blues and basic. To his articles we must add another element: the teddies «Coquitos«. They are owls, fish or crabs that you can also use as decorative elements of the room, for example as a mobile for the cradle.

pink crib

Their prices vary depending on the measures and the products, but, so that nobody is scared, it must be said that they are quite affordable. Through its website Coconut Salt facilitates the points of sale closest to your location and attaches the catalog in PDF with all available measures and models. Talking about Coconut Salt is talking about colors, liveliness, joy .... all the qualities that the decoration of your child's room needs.

More information: Saldecoco

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  1. [...] Sal de Coco is an endearing company of children's textiles, especially for beds and baby cribs. In their 2009 Collection they move away a little from the pastel tones that prevailed in the previous collection and dare with intense blues, yellows and greens, as well as with roses, reds and oranges. [...]

  2. Please could you tell me the price of the cuckoo, as I saw it I fell in love with it.
    Greetings from Santander

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