One of the main characteristics of my work as a decorator is that when I find particularities in the work space especially in them, although most of the time I have a special vision. Whenever I must intervene a place I try to experience it as a first measure; I sit, stand or lie down, as the case may be, and examine its qualities. I study the way in which sunlight enters during the day, the textures on its surfaces, the relation of empty and full, the sensation of height and width, its proportion. All in order to reinforce their positive qualities and diminish weak points.

One of the most widespread and fortunately used tips to improve a space is the use of mirrors as part of the decoration. They serve two fundamental purposes: they make narrow or narrow spaces wide and improve the luminosity conditions, since they act as reflecting screens. One more thing; they allow us to realize that the portfolio does not match the shoes or the belt and that is very important.


The options of mirrors are many but since we are going to buy one, why do not we add to its inevitable use value that of beauty or style? Recently, my husband put a mirror with the silhouette of the classic Volkswagen van, very much in his English style, on one of the walls of his office. More information on the website